105 BINFO #99-119




Bob Smith, FL, Acting Chair

P.O. Box 5772

Lighthouse Point, FL 33074


Nay 30, 1999


To;    Mr. Garrett Scott, Liaison

(With request to Binfo)

Mr. Mike Cavallo, Executive Director


Re:    Complaint: Bill Goichberg, NY

against Tom Dorsch, N.CA


The USCF Ethics Committee, by majority vote, hereby reprimands Tom Dorsch for conduct in violation of the USCF Code of Ethics.


This matter came before the Committee on the complaint of Mr. Goichberg. In this very lengthy document, he detailed and produced copies of numerous allegations posted against him on the Internet by Mr. Dorsch. He also included copies of his own Internet responses to Mr. Dorsch.


Mr. Dorsch answered the complaint and both parties filed rebuttals. The Ethics Committee reviewed the entire record and deliberated by e-mail, with one member in touch by regular mail and telephone. Our members share a common disappointment that this controversy involves two of our most dynamic and talented leaders who have so much to offer chess.


The committee considered most of the postings by Mr. Dorsch to fall under the general category of criticism, which is acceptable and outside the jurisdiction of the Ethics committee.  However, Mr. Dorsch declared on the Internet, a public forum,   that Mr. Goichberg "had his hand in the till" and is a "white collar criminal". In making these charges, using his title as "USCF Treasurer" to lend authority and credence to his largely unsupported allegations, he goes too far.


Ethics equate to morals.  Public statements should be issued in an objective and truthful manner.   Conduct should be honorable, responsible, ethical and lawful, so as to enhance the honor, reputation and usefulness of any field of endeavor. In reviewing the documentation in this case, the Committee finds that Mr. Dorsch failed to meet these standards.  In fact, little can be found in this entire record that would enhance the stature of chess.


Respectfully submitted,

                                                                          USCF ETHICS COMMITTEE

                                                                          Bob Smith, Acting Chair

For the Committee


Andrew Thall Chairman, Ethics Committee Statement


DM 99-57/ ADM 99-46 (Richard Peterson, AZ): Taking no position on the substance of the allegations, the Delegates hereby reprimand the Ethics Committee for knowingly violating Code of Ethics / Procedure 6f in their performance of the Goichberg / Dorsch matter. Further, the Delegates order the withdrawal of the Ethics Committee's findings. Please note: procedure 6f of the Code of Ethics states:: "If any member of the Ethics Committee or of the USCF Policy Board (Executive Board) has a conflict of interest of any kind that might preclude objective participation in the consideration of any case, that person may not act in the capacity of a committee member or Board member on the case." WITHDRAWN

Note Bob Smith, Frank Camaratta, Helen Warren, and Tom Dorsch were Candidates on the Ballot for the 1999 Executive Board Election