Five Questions for USCF Executive Board Candidates


Dear Executive Board Candidate;


As a candidate for the USCF Executive Board could you please address the following questions?


1. What is your senior management experience and qualifications to be a member of an Executive Board for a multimillion-dollar not-for-profit corporation? What is your current occupation and how does that relate to your qualifications? Describe your most successful business ventures and projects. In your view what are the most important qualifications needed to serve on this corporate board? Consistent with DM01-72 and DM06-18 will you disclose here any competing interests and felony convictions? Will you sign the following board member agreement if you are elected as well as observe the associated principles during this election? [ ]


2. According to the Bylaws of the US Chess Federation the purpose of the Federation shall be educational and instructional, to broaden and develop chess as art and recreation, as a significant element of culture in America. In this regard, has the organization been successful? Why or why not? How should the organization measure success? If we succeed at our purpose, how should we look to the public? What indicators and processes should we use to find out whether our board is doing its job?


3. To achieve our mission, how must we look to our members? What needs to be learned from current and potential members in order to better align the organization with their needs and wishes? How can we help the membership better understand the value of their contributions? What would be your approach to help engage and grow the regular USCF membership?


4. What in your view are the core values of this organization? How should these values be expressed in how we function? What principles of good governance and ethical practice should we implement? How would you suggest the USCF demonstrate these values to provide appropriate leadership in the chess world?


5. What should be most different about the board or how we govern in five years? To be accountable to our members, how should we govern the corporation?


Thank you very much for your efforts in representing the interests of the membership. You may wish to publicly post your answers for the benefit of the USCF membership. I'm sure the membership will find your responses both useful and thought provoking. Best of luck to you in your endeavours to serve on our behalf.



Wayne Praeder